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 Previously humans did not know that plants too have male and female gender distinctions. Botany states that every plant has a male and female gender. Even the plants that are unisexual have distinct elements of both male and female. “‘And has sent Down water from the sky.’ With it have We produced Diverse pairs of plants Each separate from the others.” [AlQur’aan 20:53]



Nabatat.. Poudon mein bhi nar aor madaah hote hain.. Phle xamane mein insan nahin janta tha ke podon mein bhi nar aor maadah hote hain.. ilm nabatat se maloom huwa har poude mein nar aor madaah hote hain.. Yaha tak ke woh poude jo ek jinsi hote hain inmein bhi na aor madaah Juda gana aousaf moujood hote hain Quran pak mein Irshad Bari tala yun hua hai.. “” aasman se pani bhi wahi barsata hai, phir us barsat ki wajha se mukhtalif qism ki paydawar bhi hum hi payda karte hain Quran20:53

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