Consider the following Qur’aanic verse: “Verily We created Man from a drop Of mingled sperm.” [Al-Qur’aan 76:2]

The Arabic word nutfatin amshaajin means mingled liquids. According to some commentators of the Qur’aan, mingled liquids refers to the male or female agents or liquids. After mixture of male and female gamete, the zygote still remains nutfah. Mingled liquids can also refer to spermatic fluid that is formed of various secretions that come from various glands.

Therefore nutfatin amsaj, i.e. a minute quantity of mingled fluids refers to the male and female gametes (germinal fluids or cells) and part of the surrounding fluids.



Nutfa imshaj mkhloot maynat.,
Quran pak mein Irshad bari tala hota hai “bulashuba humne insan ko mkhloot nutfa se Banaya” Al Quran 76:2)Arbi xuban mein “nutfa imsaj” se murad makhloot maynat hain, bax mufasereen Quran ke khyal mein “” makhloot maynat” se murad mard aor ourat ka madaah touleed hai, mard aor ourat ke takhum reyxon ke bahum mil Jane se jo “jafta” banta hai woh dar asal nutfa hi hota hai, iske ilawa nutfa imshaj se murad wo mardana maadah touleed bhi hosakta hai jo mukhtalif ghdudon se kharij shudah ratobaton (رطو بتوں) se wajood mein ata hai., Chunacha makhloot maynat ka ek chota sa qatra yani nutfa imshaj aysa maye (مئع) hota hai jismein mard aor ourat ke takhm (تخم) rexey aor ird gird ke kuch aor mayaat jama hochuka hon.

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