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“And fruit Of every kind He made In pairs, two and two.” [Al-Qur’aan 13:3] Fruit is the end product of reproduction of the superior plants. The stage preceding fruit is the flower, which has male and female organs (stamens and ovules). Once pollen has been carried to the flower, they bear fruit, which in turn matures and frees its seed. All fruits therefore imply the existence of male and female organs; a fact that is mentioned in the Qur’aan. In certain species, fruit can come from non-fertilized flowers (parthenocarpic fruit) e.g. bananas, certain types of pineapple, fig, orange, vine, etc. They also have definite sexual characteristics.



Phalon mein bhi nar aor madaah hote hain.. “aor usmein har qism ke phalon ke jode dohre dhore payda Kar diya hain AL Quran 13:3″”... Phal ya samar Har alaa nasal ke poude ki hatmi paydawar hoti hai.. Phal lagne se pahle poude par phool aate hain jiske nar aor madaah anasar hote hain…. Ek bar jab xarda ne phool tak pohnch jate hain to phir poude par Phal lag jate hain.. Ye Phal phir pak Kar beej axad Kar dete hain tamam tamam phalon mein nar aor madaah anasar paye jate hain.. Is haqiqat ka xikr Quran pak mein bhi aya hai.. Phon ki kaie kismein hain Jin mein ghair bar awar phalon se bhi Phal hasil kiye jate hain.. Maslan kele, ananas, ki Chand qisme anjeer, maalta, angoor, waghyra inhein makhsoos jinsi aosaf bhi paye jate hain..

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