“There is not an animal (That lives) on the earth, Nor a being that flies On its wings, but (forms Part of) communities like you.” [Al-Qur’aan 6:38] Research has shown that animals and birds live in communities, i.e. they organize, and live and work together.



Janwar aor parinde gharon mein xindaghi basar karte hain..
Quran pak darja Bala anuwan ke hawale se hamein batata hai keh. “”Aor jitni qism ke jandar xameen par chalne wale hain aor jitni qism ke parind janwar hain ke Apne dono baxuwon se udte hain inmein koi qism aysi nahin jo keh tumhari tarha ke giroh na hon AL Quran 6:38)
Tahqeeq se ye bat sabit hochuki hai ke janwar aor parinde girohon mein xindghi basar karte hain yani woh munaxxim hokr xindah rehte aor mil Jul Kar kam krte hain

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